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circa 1994 CLUB FOUNDERS Thumper, Velez and Smiley

Deep in the boondocks of the Bay area of California, there are group of guys knit tighter than S.F.P.D. ballistics jacket. The dream of three guys who "lived the life" was to create a car club where guys who breathed mid-century car culture could come together and represent. The Last Originals are the real thing, not a show and go club where anyone can join; you have to be original too.

The Last Originals were established September of 1994 by three guys, Thumper, Velez and Smiley. They have years of respect under their belt, not only as guys who still live in the '50's and '60's, but as gear heads and innovators. Greaser culture runs deep in the club, not only in the cars, but in the brotherhood. Sunday afternoon barbeques are common, as is teaming up on a members' project.

They didn't want to be like other car clubs that would just let you come to one meeting and give you a pamphlet, tee-shirt and then you were in. The last Originals did the opposite, they would prospect a potential member for years before becoming an official Original. Currently, the Last Originals are 15 members strong. Collective talent comes together in characteristics. You don't have to be rich to be a member; you just have to pay your dues by watching, learning and participating. If you show your respect, you're well liked by the members and you can take some hazing, maybe in a year or two you'll be considered a member. Don't walk in and expect to be given a car club plaque, no hand-outs. So while other clubs were becoming conglomerates, the club remained small. The upside to that was a tight knit group of members that could concentrate on themselves.

They inspired "Billet Proof" (a big annual car event), hosting a street show on Mariposa and Florida and invited anyone with a bomb to come and hang out. With the help of The Poor Boys, Royal Jokers, Road Zombies, Golden State Rods and their friend, Guido, the stage was set for people to drag out that old car in the garage that belonged to your dad or to get an old car and bring it to Mariposa and get some advice from any number of gear heads. Even the low-rider clubs like The San Fran Lords, Nuestro Estillo, Royal Cruisers, and Low Vintage got involved. Whether you were into chopping and scalloping or putting hydraulics, lowering or a Virgen de Guadalupe murals on your car, it was all the same. It lasted a few years but when they began to renovate that street with nouveau eateries and office buildings, it was scraped and saved for memories.

These days The Last Originals host car shows in and around the Bay Area. The events are a trip to the past. But don't tell these guys that the past is gone, because they are still living LA VIDA (the life). You get the picture that Ritchie Valens looks down from the heavens, holding his guitar and giving his approval to The Last Originals, for holding on to the old tradition.

Don't think for a moment that the Last Originals are bunch of grease monkeys who only cruise the streets. They have a full payload including, car shows, retirement home visits, photo shoots, film productions ,participating in holiday events and have appeared in several magazines including International CUSTOM GARAGE magazine interview from Spain 2009. The Last Originals know how to give to our community .

Respect is vital. The Last Originals respect the ole timers like Bill Hines, Gene Winfield and Ayala Brothers, but live for Ritchie Valens and Link Wray. Just like they show respect, they expect it too. Disrespect isn't tolerated and they'll show you if you step out of line. None the less, the Last Originals are the real thing. Trends come and go, but these guys stay firm to who they are, the LAST ORIGINALS……..

With All that said, come treat yourself to the PICS of The Last Originals and all their events and friends.